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Info & taster sessions

EPIC 360 ran twelve info and taster sessions throughout July 2015 across Glasgow. Each session was 2 hours long, and provided information about the project, (you can see the presentation here) along with an interactive taster session to illustrate the type of work we can do. We hoped that if we enthused the attendees about what we did, then they could, in turn, encourage other people who they identified as possibly benefitting from the service.

241 people from housing associations, voluntary and community groups, public authorities and other interested groups attended the sessions.

The interactive bit consisted of short, true or false, lifestyle quiz, a group session on average bills and prices, which led to lots of discussion amongst the participants about their own bills and spending and what they were each paying for fuel, shopping, cable television, or mobile phone contracts. We finished the interactive session by drawing all this together in a case study of a typical person who EPIC 360 might work with, we called her Louise; a lone parent, living in social housing in Glasgow, working as a care assistant and with two children, one in primary school, one at nursery. Louise was trying to make ends meet, nothing too profligate, just getting by. Louise returned home to discover her washing machine had broken, sourcing a replacement for £300 she couldn’t afford to replace it, how would she do it?

We outlined the scenario to small groups and worked through a variety of scenarios, where could we find the money within her budget, what options she had, could we find a way to help?

The sessions were really well received, we asked for anonymous post-it note feedback as people left, and we were delighted with the positive response about both the sessions format, but also the recognition that the services we were going to offer could assist people that participants already worked with.

We’re not trying to blow our own trumpet; but these are some of the comments people wrote in their evaluations:

As people left our sessions we asked them to deposit the 10p we gave them into one of two piggy banks at the exit door, again, anonymously. Depositing a 10p into one pig was their indication that they would refer to EPIC 360, depositing 10p into the other pig illustrated that they would be unlikely to refer. Of the 241 people who attended the sessions, we had 50p in the “will not refer” pig.

Sarah’s story

Sarah Mclymont

“This service has helped me to get the right help. I didn’t know where to go for help with benefits and was scared to ask for help. I now feel more confident going to these services and talking about my finances”

Sarah, Sept 2015

Megan’s Story


I have had financial meetings with Angie from EPIC 360. These meetings have been beneficial as I feel I have gained confidence in my own ability to manage my finances. I would recommend this service.

Megan, Sept 8th, 2015

Karen’s Story


What can I say about EPIC 360…Really there are no words to express my delight with the work carried out by Angie on my behalf, she went above and beyond the call of duty to help me with my problem with First Bus and I really cant thank her enough for helping me out”

Karen Sept 2015

David's Story

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