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Stats to 25th July 2017

Referrals - 2121
Active or complete - 1283
Pipeline - 61
No shows - 948

Epic 360 sessions with clients have helped them to waste less food, reprioritise & keep track of spending and change shopping habits, which in turn helps clients to save money.

Referral Sources

  • Housing Association referrals
  • Non Housing Association referrals

As a result of an appointment with Epic 360, 68% of our clients have improved knowledge of Universal Credit.  This allows clients to be better prepared when dealing with or making a claim.


  • Working FT
  • Working PT
  • Not working
  • Other

Clients have told us that sessions with Epic 360 have had a positive impact on their well being, with some saying that they feel happier, less stressed or anxious and able to sleep better at night.

Household Income

  • £0 - £6,000
  • £6,001 - £10,000
  • £10,001 - £15,000
  • £15,001 - £20,000
  • Over £20,001

Household Composition

  • Couple
  • Couple with dependents
  • Single
  • Single with dependents
  • Other

Epic 360 refer out to a range of other services to help clients in other areas of their lives.  Previous referrals out have included to – fuel advisers, cookery classes, services for carers and welfare rights services.

Household Tenure

  • Owner
  • Private renter
  • Social renter
  • Other

“My kitchen cupboards used to be full of letters, I’d stash them away so I didn’t have to look at them but I’d never get to them – now my cupboards actually have cups and plates and even biscuits in them!”

“I’ve been having problems setting up a bank account because of ID and they (Epic 360) have been brilliant.  I was in housing arrears and threatened with eviction but it’s all resolved now and I’m building myself a wee savings account.”

“Without it I’d still be in a hole.  Now I’m coping much better and off anti-depressants and everything.  I reckon 50% of your health is down to money.”

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