Face to Face Sessions

Face to Face Sessions

The short version: You tell us that you or someone you know is interested…we contact you or the person you’ve referred within five working days…we agree a convenient date, time and place to meet…we talk over what you need from our 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 sixty minute sessions.

EPIC 360’s Financial Capability Officers (FCO) provide up to six, sixty-minute individual sessions. They will meet in an accessible convenient location such as a community centre, a housing association, a church or library, maybe even a café. We aim to be accessible and will try to accommodate reasonable needs and provide language support. Please note that we cannot meet travel costs incurred to use our service.

Our FCOs in partnership with local organisations have established over 25 venues across the city so far and we’re constantly trying to add more venues; we will be able to make an appointment near you. We operate Monday to Friday 9-5pm.

Once we have heard from you about a referral, usually through our website, we’ll make contact with the person within five days to set up the first session. Once we’ve agreed the date and time to meet up our FCO will send a text reminder the day before a scheduled meeting to remind someone to come along, we’ll also ask the person referring an individual to contact the referred person too.

Unsure of whether a referral to Epic 360 is appropriate?  Use our handy referral map (below) to help you decide.  If you’re still unsure, give us a call on 0141 630 4324/5 and we’ll be happy to chat to you about it.

Our approach

Each session is determined by the person’s needs and interests within a structured conversational style.

We’ll share thoughts and ideas, inform or clarify information, offer guidance if asked, and use the information to develop a shared improvement plan.

We aim to provide a person centred approach to assist clients to make the changes they see as beneficial to them. It is not a debt or money advice service although we can refer to specialist support as required.

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The meetings are free, voluntary and confidential. No one else is told about the content of the meeting and personal details not shared. We will always ask participants to sign a “consent to record and share personal information” form, this allows us to use the data that people give us to monitor the project; no personal data will be used that may identify someone. All information will be held in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

The sessions

The face to face sessions provide opportunities to talk about money and will focus on:

  • Welfare reform & Universal Credit;
  • Budgeting;
  • Income & Spending;
  • Borrowing & Saving;
  • Debt & Wellbeing;
  • Recap & Plan.

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