Our Team

Our Team

Susan McAllister, Project Coordinatorsusan

Tel: 0771 319 9743

Email: susan@epic360.co.uk

Susan’s background is over 20 years within the employability and welfare sectors. Born and bred in the East End of Glasgow, and has a variety of day to day roles including Mum, wife, sister, daughter, twin, aunt, cousin, friend & colleague; the one she gets paid for is Project Coordinator.

She has great empathy around the difficulties and challenges many Glasgow people face. She’s organised and methodical; when she says she will do something – she does, helpful for EPIC360 as her key role is linking the project with financial products and services that will make a difference in the lives of the people our staff work with.


Janine Bonner, Development Officer

Tel: 0771 319 9723Janine Bonner pic 1

Email: janine@epic360.co.uk

Janine has 14 years experience working in both the voluntary and financial sectors, Janine is very committed to Epic 360’s aims and objectives and sees the development officer role as a great opportunity to take the knowledge gained in banking and use it to empower people to take control of their own finances.

Janine believes that the skills & attributes gained in learning to manage personal finance and feeling capable and in control can be transferred to other areas of life and that this in turn will impact positively on wellbeing.

sharonSharon Graham, Financial Capability Officer

Tel: 0771 319 9260
Email: sharon@epic360.co.uk

Sharon has a long experienced history, in both delivery, and production of financial capability products and services. Sharon, originally began her career, with Glasgow City Council Housing and then Joined GEMAP Scotland Ltd, where she honed her craft. Sharon has had the opportunity to revisit the Wheatley group via an innovative food pilot and hopes to build on her past, successful, housing connections and help people navigate welfare reform and Universal Credit and fundamentally build confidence in managing finances.

angieAngie Maguire, Financial Capability Officer

Tel: 0771 319 9754
Email: angie@epic360.co.uk

Angie was a parent attending a childcare centre when she went through some financial capability sessions. Through doing these sessions she began volunteering with Gemap Scotland Ltd and 10 years ago became a full time member of the Financial Inclusion Team.

Angie is passionate about helping people from all walks of life. She enjoys developing new ways to assist in increasing people’s financial capability.   Angie enjoys watching horror movies and is never happier than when she has the most current Stephen King novel in her hands.

Sharn Boyle, Financial Capability Officer 

Tel: 0771 319 9711
Email: sharn@epic360.co.uk

Sharn has been involved in Employability and Advice services for over a decade and is now ready to take on the new challenge of Financial Services head on. She is talkative, friendly and most of all passionate about gaining knowledge and the right to equality and fairness for all.

She acknowledges that her successes in life have been partly due to the people around her who have recognised and nurtured her skills and empowered her to make decisions, this is what she wants to pass onto others.

Time with friends and family are her passion especially if it involves laughter


Gabija Povilaityte,

Financial Capability OfficerGabija

Tel: 0771 319 9788
Email: gabija@epic360.co.uk

Gabija has previously worked in the financial sector with individuals facing financial difficulties. This work experience made her aware of how increasing the financial capability of individuals might help them during difficult times.

Gabija is also passionate about helping others, this passion led to her studying Psychology and to volunteering in her free time.  Her knowledge of the financial sector, combined with interest in helping individuals in need, brought her to Epic 360, where she is looking to increase people’s financial capability by guiding them through their journey to self-empowerment .

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